Blogs I'm following

These are blogs i'm following, and i recommend you to read it also (if your interested in make ups and life lols)

1. My Crase Life
My BFF's blog lol (Baboon Friends Forever).. I love her!!

2. Naked Traveler
This is about a backpackers trip around the world!! awesome stories.. They even made 2 books
from the blog!!

3. NgupingJakarta
Some funny stories lol i crack up all the time reading this.

4. Fafinettex3
All about make up baby lols

5. Hot Chocolate and Mint
FASHIOOONNNN!!!! this girl, Diana Rika is really amazing!! her outfit, all really cute!!

6. Onik's Photoblog
She writes about make ups, n food!!! yummy yummy!!

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  1. The Bargainista said...
    all great blogs, I cant wait to check them out even more! Thanks for sharing!! Also loved your guru post! :)

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