Revlon and Etude Liquid Eyeliner

I have 2 liquid eyeliners. One is Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner in Blackest Black, and the other one is Etude Clean and Lasting Eyeliner.

This Etude Clean and Lasting Eye Liner is the first liquid eye liner I ever bought. And I was lucky to have found this eyeliner.. Coz I think it's good and it's thin and soft tip makes it realy easy to apply. I recommend this one for my friends, who has never tried liquid eyeliner before. It doesn't smudge , it lasts until you take it off and it's very easy to clean. You don't even need make up remover to remove it. You can just wet your eye lids and rub the eyeliner off. Very easy!

This Etude eyeliner stays put even better than the Revlon one. However, it's not as liquid as Revlon makes it harder to reach between your lashes. So what i usually do is I line my eyes with pencil eyeliner first, then I line it with the Etude eyeliner.

Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner comes in 4 colors. Blackest black, black brown, black shimmer and brown shimmer.

Many people have made reviews of this eyeliner. I think it's quite good.. it's so rich in color, I mean like reeeaaaalllyy black and matte. And it's easy to apply (not as easy as the Etude one though) but it doesn't stay put as good as the Etude one. It smudges abit after 7-8 hours.

Which one is my favorite? I don't know lol I like Revlon's color and texture better , but I like how the Etude can stays put the entire day and it's easier to apply. So that's my review of these two products.. If u know any better liquid eyeliner, please let me know :)


  1. Onik said...
    aku ngga suka pake eyeliner liquid krn sering bikin mata iritasi.
    liquid eyeliner yg u punya dua2nya non waterproof?
    twiddle-dee said...
    ini 22nya waterproof.
    Josephine said...
    Both are wonderful eyeliners... I like your choice!!
    Priscilla Verblind said...
    ak jg uda ada yang revlon, say..
    apply nya mudah jg yah. ak jadi pengen cobain Etude nya, katamu lebih mudah lagi kan, penapsaran =) *dasar cewe...*
    nice review,sis

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