more sour sally!!

More Sour Sally!

Yep, we went to Sour Sally again lol
I know, I know.. you must be thinking that I've been eating a lot lately... yeah lol I can't help it

So, that day we were craving for Sour Sally and decided to go there before class lol

This is the Sour Sally store @ Senayan City. It's a bit small.. It's only has 4 tables.. (or 5 , can't really remember lol sorry)

Price list

These are what we ordered..

Me n Maureen shared Shaved Ice Escapade ( i think that's what it's called lol), with twist flavour (plain n green tea)n we got 4 toppings mango, longan, chocoball n fruity pabbles toppings..

I don't really like the fruity pebbles tho .. it kinda tastes like fruitloops..

My friends ordered Shaved ice escapade too, with almond, strawberry, pinapple and blueberry jam toppings :)

This is us :)

Yona, Norita, Me, Maureen, Glen, n Adi(taking pic)

After Sour Sally, we head to The food studio lol MORE FOODDDSSS!!! lols


is a Japanese dish consisting of a pan-fried batter cake, we have it with crab stick..

And finally Mie tarik! lol yummilicious!!!!

Jom Makan! :)

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  1. CreamyMilk said...
    di sour sally ada okonomiyaki jugakah?

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