Izzi pizza 75% disc n gelare

mmmmm pizza :) lols We can't say no to this offer can we? lol 75% discount! for terms n condition, read here .

We had some salad n doughball,

Clasico (this one is my favorite)

Spicy BBQ Chicken

Glen, Sammy, Adi, Me, Yona, Maureen

Yeah, I think that's about all we ate lol.. after pizza we're going to Plaza Indonesia for some ice cream n look what we got! Another great offer!! lol

It's sooo yummilicious! lols I won't write more about the waffles n gelato tho! lol it's makin me hungry just uploading the pics LMAO..

Yona looks so cute here lol


  1. joao-leonardo said...
    kompak amat..
    twiddle-dee said...
    ehehehe,, mau ikutan jo?
    joao-leonardo said...
    Julie said...
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