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These are blogs i'm following, and i recommend you to read it also (if your interested in make ups and life lols)

1. My Crase Life
My BFF's blog lol (Baboon Friends Forever).. I love her!!

2. Naked Traveler
This is about a backpackers trip around the world!! awesome stories.. They even made 2 books
from the blog!!

3. NgupingJakarta
Some funny stories lol i crack up all the time reading this.

4. Fafinettex3
All about make up baby lols

5. Hot Chocolate and Mint
FASHIOOONNNN!!!! this girl, Diana Rika is really amazing!! her outfit, all really cute!!

6. Onik's Photoblog
She writes about make ups, n food!!! yummy yummy!!

YOUTUBE make up gurus

Make up!!!! Gosh!! i love watching these girls on youtube.. I can spend all day watching! lols
They're amazing!! OK, so here are some make up guru i found. Check them out!









These girls are very pretty.. and they make it really easy to makeup.. You can find so many makeup tutors on YOUTUBE, but these are my favorite.. :)


yup yup I'm back lols i finally got time to write blogs.. I missed writting blogs :)

I have 2 liquid eyeliners. One is Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner in Blackest Black, and the other one is Etude Clean and Lasting Eyeliner.

This Etude Clean and Lasting Eye Liner is the first liquid eye liner I ever bought. And I was lucky to have found this eyeliner.. Coz I think it's good and it's thin and soft tip makes it realy easy to apply. I recommend this one for my friends, who has never tried liquid eyeliner before. It doesn't smudge , it lasts until you take it off and it's very easy to clean. You don't even need make up remover to remove it. You can just wet your eye lids and rub the eyeliner off. Very easy!

This Etude eyeliner stays put even better than the Revlon one. However, it's not as liquid as Revlon makes it harder to reach between your lashes. So what i usually do is I line my eyes with pencil eyeliner first, then I line it with the Etude eyeliner.

Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner comes in 4 colors. Blackest black, black brown, black shimmer and brown shimmer.

Many people have made reviews of this eyeliner. I think it's quite good.. it's so rich in color, I mean like reeeaaaalllyy black and matte. And it's easy to apply (not as easy as the Etude one though) but it doesn't stay put as good as the Etude one. It smudges abit after 7-8 hours.

Which one is my favorite? I don't know lol I like Revlon's color and texture better , but I like how the Etude can stays put the entire day and it's easier to apply. So that's my review of these two products.. If u know any better liquid eyeliner, please let me know :)

I've been thinking if I should write this one in English or in Indonesian... You know my english is kinda sux lol n my vocabulary is limited lol But then again Onik has made a review of these products in Indonesian, so I'll try to write it in English.. I'll try my best, hope you understand what I'm saying lol

Lets start with lulur... I've been trying to find the english word for lulur.. but I can't find it.. I looked it up in dictionary, it says lulur is herbal cosmetic to enlighten skin compexion.. hmm I think its almost right.. its abit like scrub cream.. its creamy, you apply it on your skin, let it dry and scrub it off..

Anyways, I bought it in strawberry, chocolate, coffee, bengkuang, milk, and green tea. And Coffee for Sekar Jagat.

I've tried the milk and chocolate. The milk... it doesn't really smell like milk, more like jasmine.. and the chocolate, I LOVE IT!!!! it really smells like chocolate! makes me smell like chocolate too lol.. and the rest, they all smell a bit like jasmine, but not as much as the milk..

Does it work? yes it does! my skin complexion looks lighter.. n it makes me smell yummy lol
I tend to get tanned easily, so this lulur really helps to even out my skin tone.. My favorite is Chocolate from Bali Alus (brand), n I think I'd like the coffee too :) can't wait to try it :)

Where to buy it?
You can buy it online.. just google it.. the price is vary, from Rp. 8,500 to Rp12,000 per 100gr for Bali Alus.. But be careful! You want someone to recommend it for you first.. I bought these lulur from Oleh-oleh Bali.. I ordered 18, n i only got 17.. they even changed my order without telling me.. :( .. I tried to contact them but still no reply.. *sigh* hope I can get my money back ..

mmmmm pizza :) lols We can't say no to this offer can we? lol 75% discount! for terms n condition, read here .

We had some salad n doughball,

Clasico (this one is my favorite)

Spicy BBQ Chicken

Glen, Sammy, Adi, Me, Yona, Maureen

Yeah, I think that's about all we ate lol.. after pizza we're going to Plaza Indonesia for some ice cream n look what we got! Another great offer!! lol

It's sooo yummilicious! lols I won't write more about the waffles n gelato tho! lol it's makin me hungry just uploading the pics LMAO..

Yona looks so cute here lol

more sour sally!!

More Sour Sally!

Yep, we went to Sour Sally again lol
I know, I know.. you must be thinking that I've been eating a lot lately... yeah lol I can't help it

So, that day we were craving for Sour Sally and decided to go there before class lol

This is the Sour Sally store @ Senayan City. It's a bit small.. It's only has 4 tables.. (or 5 , can't really remember lol sorry)

Price list

These are what we ordered..

Me n Maureen shared Shaved Ice Escapade ( i think that's what it's called lol), with twist flavour (plain n green tea)n we got 4 toppings mango, longan, chocoball n fruity pabbles toppings..

I don't really like the fruity pebbles tho .. it kinda tastes like fruitloops..

My friends ordered Shaved ice escapade too, with almond, strawberry, pinapple and blueberry jam toppings :)

This is us :)

Yona, Norita, Me, Maureen, Glen, n Adi(taking pic)

After Sour Sally, we head to The food studio lol MORE FOODDDSSS!!! lols


is a Japanese dish consisting of a pan-fried batter cake, we have it with crab stick..

And finally Mie tarik! lol yummilicious!!!!

Jom Makan! :)

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